The "White Horse Theatre" goes drinking!

On Friday, 3rd March 2017, the "White Horse Theatre" made a guest appearance for
9th and 10th grade students in Wolke 14. Their topic was the impressive contemporary play
"Drinking for Dummies" by Peter Griffith.

The four main characters Jake, an outgoing cool guy having his girlfriend Tamsin, and
Barney, a shy boy falling in love with the new teenager at school, Zola, are ordinary students
going out clubbing at the weekend. They want to elevate their emotions, so they drink too
much alcohol and go over their own limits. Unfortunately, the initial happy situation changes
into a drama, which has bad consequences for the whole group ...

All our students were very delighted by the good actors and greatly enjoyed this
play. Europe’s largest professional educational touring theatre group from Soest
has already been many times over the last years here in Sonneberg and after this society-
critical performance we are already looking forward to the next time they come!

Moritz Bauer, Cornelia Petzold